SEPTEMBER 2022 | #RGEM2022

#RGEM22 is a national U.S.-based awareness effort sponsored by the American Gaming Association.
Learn more about the national effort here.

This September marks the inaugural Responsible Gaming Education Month (RGEM), formerly Responsible Gaming Education Week, sponsored by the American Gaming Association. The goal of the month is to promote gaming literacy and consumer education, elevate employee training, and work to advance our understanding of responsible gambling (RG).

At DraftKings, RG is always top of mind and is a key principle in ensuring that we are doing right by our players as an operator. Our Responsible Gaming team collaborates with various teams across the organization to make sure that RG is an integral part of their work and as a result, we have an award-winning RG program with award-winning RG professionals!

Stay tuned this month as we continue to add new themed resources each week!



Responsible gaming for players means:

  • playing for pleasure and entertainment but are aware of their likelihood of losing, and understanding risks

  • they are able to control their betting

  • playing in balance with other activities in their lives and is not causing problems or harm for themselves or others

Responsible gaming for the broader community, including operators, regulators, government agencies and others requires:

  • shared responsibility for increasing the awareness of the risks associated with gambling

  • creating and promoting environments that prevent and minimize gaming-related harm, and

  • being responsive to community concerns around gaming