WEEK 5: Devin Bornstein

Devin Bornstein is on the Responsible Gaming (RG) Exclusions team and has been with DraftKings for almost two and a half years working to ensure everyone who uses our platform is doing so safely.

The RG Exclusions team reviews lists of excluded players from all jurisdictions and matches them against our user base, ensuring that people with known gambling issues are not allowed to play on DraftKings. They also control other processes so no one is able to bypass our controls by making new accounts or any other method.

Devin says that he has learned that RG is integral to all processes for regulatory and moral reasons. While trying to expand our product to new customers, we must make sure that we are doing so responsibly and that we're not taking advantage of anyone with gambling issues.

WEEK 4: Justin Lawrence

Justin has been with DraftKings for a little over two years working on the Responsible Gaming (RG) team within Account platform, which is an engineering-focused team that assists with RG efforts through services such as Kringle and Cupid.

The primary focus for Justin and his team is being responsible for obtaining and processing various regulator-supplied exclusion lists within our compliance SLA. This is vitally important because lapses lead to compliance issues and fines and put our gaming operator licenses in jeopardy.

The team also helps launch into new jurisdictions by working closely with Product, RegOps, and in some cases the regulators themselves to establish a method of obtaining the player exclusion list. This list is processed just ahead of the launch to ensure no ineligible or vulnerable player is able to participate on the platform before go live.

Since joining DK, Justin has learned that RG is taken extremely seriously at both the jurisdictional level as well as across the industry as a whole, not only to protect players, but also their family and loved ones, and to ensure that playing on our platform is safe and fun.

WEEK 4: Manick Pillai

Manick works on the Responsible Gaming Verifications team and has been with DK for nearly two years. Manick says that a good way to look at responsible gaming (RG) is that it helps to ensure players are gambling for fun instead of for a source of income.

To achieve that goal, his team makes sure that the right players are allowed into our site by verifying the player’s identity and eligibility. Some players self-exclude themselves to control their gambling/betting behavior, which essentially means that they voluntarily ban themselves from playing for a certain period of time. During that time, we don’t allow them to play and will not reach out to those players even for marketing or promotional purposes.

His team also can set wager and time limits as an added layer to control the risk of problem gambling behavior. Similarly, states are running programs for problem gambling and a national helpline number is available as well.

Manick says that every employee should be familiar with these methods that we have in place to keep our players safe because if we look at our work through the lens of RG, we are less likely to miss something that can lead to problem gambling.

WEEK 3: The Player Protection Team

This week, we would like to spotlight the Player Protection team to highlight some of the tremendous work they are doing to keep our customers safe.

The team monitors and reviews account activity to ensure that any signs of potential harmful behaviors are identified, so that action can be taken when appropriate. They also work closely across multiple customer-facing teams to provide second line support to make sure that level of risk among our customers is mitigated.

With gambling disorders often referred to as a hidden addiction, it can be hard to identify for someone who isn’t a trained professional. This is part of why it is so important for everyone at DraftKings to have a solid understand of responsible gaming best practices and why the Player Protection team is there to add an extra layer of support.

They work closest with the Responsible Gaming, Fraud, VIP and CX teams, but also work with several other teams when necessary. So, no matter the team, if something related comes up, the Player Protection (PP) team will be there to assist.

Shout out to the team, which consists of Anh Vu, Manager, Lorena “Ren” Arias, PP Analyst, Andrew Fournier, PP Specialist, David Shapiro, PP Specialist, Mary Davidson, PP Specialist, and Melissa Hernandez, PP Specialist!

WEEK 2: Bobby McGeehan, Director, CRM

Bobby has been with DraftKings for over seven years, and he and the Sportsbook & Casino CRM team have forged a close relationship with the Responsible Gaming (RG) team to ensure that we are keeping our customers safe and encouraging responsible behaviors.

His team sends regular CRM communications to our customers in order to educate them on the various RG tools provided within the DK product. Additionally, they collaborate regularly on specific campaigns to ensure we are putting the customer first and our messaging accurately represents RG best practices.

Bobby says that abiding by RG best practices and encouraging safer play is not just something we all need to do from a regulatory or compliance standpoint, it is also simply the right thing to do for our customers.

Thank you to Bobby for sharing how he and his team consistently keep RG top of mind in everything that they do.

WEEK 1: Zack Flores, Responsible Gaming Specialist

Zack has been with DraftKings for about six months and he and the Responsible Gaming (RG) team work to ensure that we are making the efforts necessary to go above and beyond regulatory requirements and be best-in-class when it comes to responsible gaming.

He emphasizes the importance of RG in an industry like ours, stating that it is a core part of our business and is essential when it comes to providing our players with the most customizable, safe, and enjoyable experience.

The more knowledge we all have about RG, the better our products can be for our customers, and with so many resources available to DK employees, like the Safer Play Portal, we all have that knowledge at our disposal thanks to Zack and his team.

Thank you to Zack for sharing his insights and for continuously working to help ensure that DraftKings’ RG is best-in-class.


Conner has been with DK since August of 2019 as a member of the Social team and says that he and Zach Gray, Senior Associate, Social Marketing, are incorporating Responsible Gaming (RG) on social media regularly. They put out bi-weekly awareness graphics on DraftKings Sportsbook channels to ensure our audience is aware of the resources DraftKings provides for gamblers. The team will also be supporting Problem Gambling Awareness Month this March with awareness posts throughout.

He also says that it is extremely important for all of us at DK to keep RG top of mind, because with a new industry, it’s important for us to have a positive reception as we enter new states with Sportsbook and Casino.

“We see on social media all the time that not all people are initially okay with the idea of legalized gambling. Making sure people are playing responsibly will help eliminate that stigma.”

Cain has been with DraftKings for two and a half years and he says that Responsible Gaming (RG) is top of mind in all that his team does, putting the health and well-being of DraftKings’ VIPs first.

Our Player Development Executives conduct periodic wellness checks with our VIP players to ensure that they are playing within their means and have awareness of tools to help them manage their gambling if they wish and the team has partnered with Data Science, Anh Vu, Player Protection Manager, and Chrissy Thurmond, Director of RG, to help identify VIPs that might be at higher risk.

“There is always a delicate balance between doing what’s right for the customer and for business interests. However, I believe that RG is an area that if we focus exclusively on what’s right for the customer, the result will be a profitable, sustainable long-term VIP business that continues to grow. I think there is this stigma around RG and that it’s something we can somehow avoid, but the truth is it happens to players in our industry and we have a responsibility to ensure that we take care of the vulnerable.”

Alice has been with DK since last September as a member of the Casino Promotions team, which she says is very focused on being the leading market innovator in iGaming. Alice’s role on the team is to manage the creation and execution of our new user sign up offer on the Casino Standalone app, as well as our monthly Casino Leaderboard competitions.

When it comes to incorporating responsible gaming (RG) into her job, Alice says that it’s a top priority, and that within the Casino app they have created the Casino Education Hub, a place for a variety of resources available to our players to teach basic game fundamentals. She says that if a player truly understands the games they are playing, they will understand that the outcome of each game is completely independent, and the odds of getting any particular outcome are always the same. Arming our player base with this knowledge encourages responsible play and builds a trustworthy relationship between us and them.

Alice also emphasized how important the collaboration is among internal stakeholder teams who always have strong communication to ensure market messaging is clear and transparent when it comes to promotions. Thank you to Alice and everyone she works with to keep RG front and center in everything they do.

Anh joined DK in July 2019, starting out with the Regulatory Operations team before making the move to the Player Protection team in August of 2020. On the Player Protection team, responsible gaming (RG) is the name of the game. The team is dedicated to ensuring that all of our users are playing safely and responsibly on our site by working very closely with multiple stakeholder teams to ensure that we’re identifying, evaluating, and interacting with users who are high risk for RG issues.

When it comes to keeping RG top of mind in our day to day work, Anh says that since gambling disorders are often referred to as a hidden addiction, it might be hard to identify for someone who isn’t a mental health professional. With that, he thinks that it is imperative for us to be aware of the hidden implications that may cause gambling disorders, and to mitigate the risk, we should always be looking between the lines when dealing with our users.

Thank you, Anh, for sharing your insight and for working everyday to keep our users on the right track.

Nick works on the Responsible Gaming (RG) team under Chrissy Thurmond and has been with DraftKings for nearly two years, starting out on the Compliance Testing/Monitoring team before making the transition this past October.

In his current role, Nick’s primary focus is to lead and contribute to internal RG initiatives and projects working with multiple stakeholder teams (e.g. VIP, CX, Fraud and Player Protection, Product, CRM, Advertising/Marketing) across all platforms to ensure RG is represented across the business.

Nicks says that ensuring that our customer-facing teams stay vigilant and escalate any potential problem gambling behaviors is critical because problem gambling can happen to anyone, and that it not only affects that person, but their family and friends as well. For non-customer-facing teams keeping responsible gaming top of mind will help mitigate risk.

Thank you to Nick for sharing his insights on responsible gaming and for all the work he and his team do to arm us with the knowledge to protect our customers every day.