We get that industry RG training can be overly general, uninteresting, and disconnected from business practice. But that's not who we are at DraftKings. We're taking a new approach that doesn't just meet regulatory requirements, but provides interesting and evidence-based training, with advice from Harvard faculty, that is targeted, relevant and realistic to what we do here.

Our training experiences at DraftKings are diverse--but the paths are clear. To start, employees complete several introductory training sessions. We refer to these as the Starting Lineup. From there, they might want to, or be asked, to participate in training sessions that are designed specifically for the job they have at DraftKings. We refer to these types of training sessions as Playmakers. In addition to these required training sessions, employees have the opportunity to learn more about RG/Safer play through optional training sessions and using related resources. These are Free Agency options. And in the future we will introduce the Safer Play All-Star option for those who champion the Safer Play cause across functions.

Quote: Having the best trained workforce will translate into having the most informed player base and best responsible gaming program.

Starting Lineup

Required trainings covering topics that everyone needs to know about.

Free Agency

Optional resources and trainings.


Targeted trainings covering topics that are relevant to what certain employees do at DraftKings.


For DK RG/safer play Champions across functions.